Behind The Kenneth Collection...

The Kenneth Collection is in honor of my Uncle Kenny. I can remember the last time we face-timed on our iPhone 4s vividly (now we are on the Xs-wow). At that time I was considering going into staging for home sales. I had just decorated my apartment and he called at the perfect time. Everything was perfectly placed. He loved it and was encouraging over my interior decorating skills, and told me to always live life to the fullest. That was 6.5 years ago.

A week later, March 26, 2012 I got a call that he passed away in his home. Within a couple hours I was sitting in the airport in disbelief. Shortly after that, I was standing in his Chicago high rise staring at Lake Michigan devastated. Cancer sucks and broke my heart for that I am officially saying F*@k Cancer! I vowed then that I would go hard and live my best life. 

Reality set in & I didn't. I was a mess in the middle of a divorce, and lost everything.

After many attempts at planning, and failing to execute; I found it. My plans moved to purpose. Uncle Kenny would be so proud of Luminosity Naturals and anticipating success. He would have been my first buyer at launch. It's only right I drop the Kenneth Collection.

This one is for you Unc! I love you <3