Please keep in mind, we are a small business. All items are hand crafted. Please allow time for your item to be consciously made with love, and carefully packaged for shipping. 

Products and product information listed is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any medical condition. If pregnant or nursing, or are concerned about a particular health condition, please consult your physician before using any of our products as essential oils maybe in fragrance combination. 


This intentional happiness is handmade in small batches. Orders placed Sunday through Wednesday afternoon are batched over the weekend. Orders placed after that through Saturday are batched the following weekend. 

Typically, Shipping/Delivery takes place the top of the following week. Local Pick Up starts the Saturday following your email confirmation that your order is ready. Expect delays during holidays or special sales events 

hey All shipped packages are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail. Shipping time is approximately 2 to 3 business days.  Please note: shipping could be delayed around holidays. If you need an update on your order after that time, please email us info@luminositynaturals.com. We can let you know which items in your order are currently in production.  RUSH OR PRIORITY request are available for an additional fee. Email with order number in the subject line to inquire. Once your order is packed, an email will be sent to you with your tracking information.


Insulated shipping is recommended in Summer months. Insulated packages contain a cold pack and are shipped in silver heatresistant mailers. In addition, depending on the final destination a cold pack may also be included. Butters are frozen up to 48 hours prior to shipping if necessary.

It's likely you will find that the package is cool inside, but isn’t frozen. That is normal as it thaws during transit.

While the insulated mailers and cold packs can get our products to your doorstep in good condition, they cannot keep packages at a chilled temperature if they are left in a outdoor temperatures. **Note: If your package is left sitting in the sun or an outside mailbox for hours it will melt. 

To prevent product melting:

  1. Monitor your tracking number closely. Make sure your package collected as soon as it is deposited in your mailbox.
  2. Consider shipping your package to your workplace. This is often done to ensure they can collect their package as soon as it is delivered. Also, most workplaces have air conditioning or indoor mail collection.
  3. Consider shipping your package to someone who is at home during the day.
  4. Consider shipping your package to a PO box within an air mailing facility.



We only process returns for incorrect orders and spilled product. All costs will be covered by us. Unfortunately, we cannot exchange products simply because a customer does not like the scent. We do not offer refunds or replacements for stolen packages so please ensure your package is delivered to a safe location. We do not do signature confirmations for package delivery.

We ship all our packages through USPS and on rare occasions there will be slow delivery. We do not offer refunds for delayed packages, although we can offer future discounts if requested. If a package appears to be lost in the mail, we wait 2 weeks from the date of shipping before sending out replacements or refunding.

Because our whipped butters are handmade, there is some variation in volume between batches. Although, we try all batches do not whip the same every time.

We will not replace melted product because the butter is still effective and usable, even in a melted state. If your product arrives to you melted simply put it in the fridge for approximately one to two hours to harden. Then put it in a cool room and let it come up to room temperature. It will have a denser texture, more the consistency of a cream than a whip. Melted products sometimes lose volume because air bubbles have escaped, so it will appear lower in the container, however the weight of the product is consistent with what is on the label.


During the summer months sometimes products melt in transit. The potential for this happens most frequently in the hotter months of the year (June through August). 

The good news is that the butters are still usable, absorbent, nongreasy and have all the same amazing benefits in a melted state. Refrigerate the butters for an hour or two and let them solidify, then set them out in a cool room so it can come up to room temperature. It will have more of a cream texture than whipped, but still have a nice absorbent feel and can be used normally.

There are two different types of melting:

A light melting will make the product look bubbly but retains volume. This suggests that not a lot of air bubbles have escaped in the melting process and the product has retained its whipped texture. 

A heavy melting occurs when the product loses significant volume during melting due to a loss of air. It is important to note that:

  1. The butter has not evaporated (this is physically impossible)
  2. The weight of the butter has not changed. What has been lost are the air bubbles that are whipped into the butters to make them rise. 


Nothing really. In complete transparency even if you chose insulated shipping there is still a risk for melting as our butter are anhydrous butters. While our insulated mailers and cold packs are amore than capable of getting products through the mail system intact, they cannot stand up to hours in a hot mailbox or front porch in direct sunlight. If you live in a warmer climate, consider having your package delivered to your place of work if it is air conditioned, or watch your tracking number closely and collect your package as soon as it is delivered.