About Us

I started making body butter in my kitchen in 2016 with a hand mixer and a mission to create a simple replacement for my favorite lotion.  At that point of my journey my butter was grainy and I was discouraged and decided the complex ingredient smell good lotion was more convenient.

2018 arrived and I was on a mission to figure it out again.  I finally discovered the satisfying formula and texture I was looking for. I passed out samples for opinions and received tons of positive feedback.  I decided this needed to be shared with the world. It was then Luminosity Naturals was founded.

The quality of my products are top notch. All of the products are made using only raw butters, and pure ingredients to produce a 100% all natural line of high quality moisturizing products.

Remember to always show love to the skin you're in and don't forget that Luminosity Naturals can help since my commitment is to create handmade skin care. I certainly hope you enjoy every bit of it.

This Happiness Is Intentional!



-Mia Danyale