Show love to the skin you're in...

Moisturizing seems simple enough, right? Let's spend a couple minutes chatting about just that. Most of us spend everyday bathing, followed by something to combat the ash. Or not, ha ha!

My first attempt at whipped body butter was in summer of 2016.  Might I add that it was an epic, grainy, FAIL!  I'll be the first to admit I love a good Do-It-Yourself (DIY). Keyword is GOOD; My outcome was just the opposite. Back to lotion it was. 

Oh my how time flies when you're climbing the Corporate ladder. Here I am day in and out rubbing down with lotion living my best life. Then July 2018 one of my direct reports brought in a jar of Whipped Body Butter she purchased online. The smell was terrible BUT at first glance I knew I needed to get back in the game. The whipped consistency sparked my interest yet again. I was sure I now knew what to do to achieve the GOOD DIY I originally desired. 

A few days later, after showering I was applying my favorite lotion and I was still ashy. Literally shaking my head! I picked up my favorite cocoa scented petroleum jelly to put on and thought, "Wait, you should research this!". Half hour later trapped in the world of search engine clicks, and tons of web browsers pages open I started looking at the health benefits or lack thereof. I then checked the lotion bottle label. Why, Lord?! I hit the Holy Grail of unpronounceable words, or just letters put together to look like something.  Jesus, take the wheels; For 18 adult years I have subjected my skin to unhealthy handpicked choices. 

It was then my quest to an alternative began once again. Since I can't claim this go around as my profound ah-ha this is it  first attempt at Whipped Body Butter I can say I knew that it would be my last bottle of store bought LOTION. I vowed that if I pronounce it, I couldn't wear it, and that I would officially show love to the skin I am in.

Have you ever taken time to examine the ingredients in your favorite bottle of lotion?

My goal is for us to grow and glow together. Never forget, I firmly believe that your skin happiness is handmade!